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New server

Yohan posted Jan 12, 14
Anyone still paying attention to this, join this website at and join the new server at

Website/Name Change

sponking Founder posted Sep 18, 13
As some may know the name GlowCrafterZ was thought of by an X-Founder so we thought it would be necessary to change the name of the server. Meggiemoo1307 ~ Admin, Shillen11 ~ RuleEnforcer and I ~Sponking ~ Founder discussed some names and eventually picked CrazyCraftehz as the name. So please join our new website rather than this current website Thank you for your attention and we hope to be seeing you on the new website and on the server when its ready.
P.S. We are doing great on the server and we are nearly ready to let all of you on again!!!.
Hey GlowCrafterZ!!! It's great to see most people getting along and all the staff doing there job nicely. The server should be updated to 1.6 soon so be prepared for that. Also soon we are setting up donating! Now all you defaults can get awesome perks to use whenever you like! A new policy: In order to get a Mod application accepted, you must donate at least $1 to the server. If you have already donated to the server for a perk that donation will count as the money donation requirement tobecome a mod. all current staff members will not have to donate but future ones will. Thank you GCZ!
~[Founder] Sponking~


Shillen11 posted Aug 13, 13
We are currently having issues with people coming on our server, if you have any way to attract more people that would be great

Hey GC

sponking Founder posted Jul 2, 13
Hey GlowCrafterz! Just a quick notification to tell you that you CAN update to 1.6 before the server and still play on it because 1.6 uses a new launcher (New Application) that you can have as well as the 1.5 minecraft and just switch between the two applications until the server is updated (Very Soon) Thank You GC 
Yohan   published New server on News
YohanAnyone who has joined this website, please join the new one at [link] We also have a new ip at [link]
sponking Founder  published Website/Name Change on News
justinhopper   joined GlowCrafterZ
xXJemenyXx   created a new thread Unban appeal for the GlowCrafterz Spirit. in the Unban appeals forum
sponking Founder  published 1.6!!! Plus now adding voting and donating!!! on News
Shillen11   published Help on News
meggiemoo1307 ADMINHey GlowCrafterZ's! We now have 33 registered users! :) GlowCrafterZ
is growing into a fantastic, friendly community! Keep up the great work :)
~[Admin] Meggiemoo1307
Chelsea10188   joined GlowCrafterZ
GlowCrafterZ has reached a new record of 30 registered users today!
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